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If you contact us we may ask for information to confirm your identity but we will never contact you and ask for your debit/credit card number or your full SSN.

If we need to contact you, it will always be done in a manner that protects your personal information and we will clearly identify ourselves.

One of our top priorities is to safeguard YOUR confidential information and we work diligently to do so. We always work with the local regulatory and law enforcement departments to be certain any type of illegal activity is stopped as soon as possible. 

We have multi-layer security to protect your confidential information and will continue to be vigilant in protecting it. 

Immediately report any suspicious emails or websites to First Security Bank by forwarding the message to:





1541 NE 23rd Street
OKC, OK 73111

Telephone: (405)-424-4341

Fax: (405)-424-0622


PO Box 11287
OKC, OK 73136

Customer Service : (405)-424-4341

Bookkeeping: (405) 424-3474

OnCall Telephone Banking: (405) 424-0685

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e-Mail Transmissions are Unsecure


Notice: E-mail to First Security Bank & Trust Company is sent through unsecured channels. Please do not include account numbers, Social Security numbers, or other information you want to remain confidential within your e-mail message.